Your Voice on Power and Praise Radio – Think of all the Possibilities!

The easiest way to get your voice on the air is using a voice recorder app on your cell phone or computer. Leaving a Shout Out to Power and Praise Radio is free, and Google can usually connect you to Power Praise Radio for free within the USA.

What to “Shout Out”

You can:

Tell everyone your name and where you’re from… (required)

Tell everyone the name of your favorite radio station… (required)

Give a shout out to/from your school, or work…

Profess your endless love for someone…

Say happy birthday to someone…

Be fun and creative (just please keep it clean and brief.)

Messages left in a language other than English must also provide a translation. Just put it at the end of the message telling us what you just said and we will edit that part out – OR – just do the shout in your native language and English which will probably sound pretty cool!

You can’t:


Be lewd, crude, or objectionable…

Say stuff that would make me not want you on the air.

Power and Praise Radio reserves the right to edit your shout for content or length, or refuse to air shouts due to objectionable content, or for any reason at all really, but as long you keep it clean and have fun with this, you should be hearing yourself on Power and Praise Radio real soon!

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